You are eating wayyyyyy too much cheese!

This is not a blame game, but a testament to the fact we didn’t know how to eat right and simply having surgery didn’t magically infuse that knowledge.

Our Bariatric Eating Support Group on Facebook will soon have over 100,000 members. With this many people, patterns pop in a very short time and its clear to me and our team of Administrators that many of you need help with grasping the calorie counts of the foods you consume.


200 Calories... BOOM!200 Calories…


IMPORTANT: Cheese is not a calorie free food. It’s actually quite high in calories. One slice of deli cheese is 100 calories. The four cubes of cheese in that photo at the top of the page, that are essentially two pair of cheese dice are 200 calories. When I went sideways a few years ago, one of the ‘healthy’ foods I used to sabotage my weight loss was Swiss cheese. I would buy an entire pound of Boars Head Swiss Cheese each week. What could be wrong with Swiss Cheese when there wasn’t any bread or crackers involved? Lots.

A little Late Night Snack 
I was not sleeping very well and while watching The Real Housewives or late night drama I’d head to the fridge and eat a couple of slices of cheese. Rinse and repeat. It is easy for a bariatric post op to eat 500 calories in cheese. It chews up really smooth and is easy to eat. Oooops!

Put the cheese on the table & step back!
Some of you are drowning in Cheese. Our recipe for Chicken Crust Pizza is healthy if you use 1 cup – which is 4 ounces of shredded part skim mozzarella – on an entire Pizza Pie. Some of your pies appear to have double or triple that. Our recipe for Cheesy Meatball Skillet calls for 1 cup total, which is just 4 ounces of shredded part skim mozzarella, but in some of your photos you can’t tell there are meatballs under all that melted cheese. Even the ‘cheese crackers’ you are baking – if you make two slices into 8 ‘crackers’ that is 200 calories just like that. Poof. None of these foods are bad, but they can be high calorie in small amounts!

a2 + b2 = c2
Maybe the math is part of the problem. There is a difference between 1 cup of milk which is 8 fluid ounces and 1 cup of cheese which is 4 ounces shredded measured by weight. There are different measuring cups! That glass one with the red markings is for liquids and the metal one is for solids. Cheese is measured in ounces of weight. One ounce of cheese by weight is about 100 calories.

Philadelphia Freedom
Let’s talk about cream cheese: It is super high in fat! After Obesity Surgery, cream cheese is NOT YOUR FRIEND. No eating of the cream cheese, no rolling it up with ham, no blending it into ‘Zoodles’ Alfredo, no adding it to tuna salad, and no melting it into anything ‘for extra creaminess’.

NO NO NO to adding an entire BLOCK of the stuff to a main dish supper – that’s 1/2 pound of cream cheese! I used to love cream cheese and would put an obscene amount on an English muffin or bagel. I have not done this in nearly twenty years. EXCEPTION: If you are making a sugar free cheesecake for a party or special occasion, its a dessert, you know it’s a dessert and you may have a small portion after a protein meal. No adding cream cheese to main dishes though. Big difference. It is important that you understand that difference… and if not, read it again.

Fathead Pizza?
One would think the name alone would deter those needing obesity surgery BUT IT DOES NOT. This is a *crust* made with huge amounts of cheese and cream cheese that is terrible for any diet. Every day people ask us ‘IS THIS OKAY TO EAT’ and some give us a hard time for saying NO NO NO. If you do not clearly see that a crust made of a Play Doh of Cream Cheese and Shredded Cheese may be a bad choice, please Google and read a book by Dr. Don Colbert as you would greatly benefit from learning the difference between Dead Foods and Living Foods… but enough about that.

What is a pound?
It takes 3500 calories to either Gain or Lose ONE Pound. If you eat 3500 extra calories you’ll GAIN one pound. If you save 3500 calories, you’ll LOSE one. Doesn’t it already seem harder to lose weight than to gain it? I was eating 16 ounces of cheese a week…  which is 1600 calories… which means ‘in theory’  every two weeks I was gaining one pound from my late night mindless cheese raid alone. Food for thought. You can gain weight eating too much ‘heathy’ food.

It’s time to cut the cheese! Or at least know what you are eating.

21 thoughts on “Don’t ‘SAY CHEESE’!

      • Mary says:

        Suzs againanne you could be writing this just for me! I am a cheese addict for sure and now after reading your article really see where I have been adding calories without thinking! Thank you for putting this article out here as some of us (me me me!) tend to turn a blind eye when it comes to cheese as its a health food right?? (like everything… in moderation and the right types!!! Your articles are very helpful to those of use who are a few years out after WLS and tend to get apathetic when it comes to our surgery and blame our gains on it… not so.. the tool works if you work with it.. thanks again!

  1. kasia sosa says:

    Good info! I eat 1 Babybel mozzarella circle as a snack. Only 1 per day 50 calories 6 grams of protein. It was hard but I had to learn to back away from so much cheese. it’s easy to go overboard

      • Donna says:

        Wow, had no idea cheese was causing so much damage. When I eat cheese, I’m usually craving something salty. What could I eat instead? You mentioned Greek Yogurt, I found some low carb yogurt at Kroger that is really good. It has 4 carbs per container. Is this ok to eat? I’m so off track that I feel I may never get back on track again. I’ve gained about 20lbs and I’m REALLY struggling to get it back off. I feel SO discouraged!

  2. Beth says:

    This is a timely article! My struggle is finding low carb protein options since I am a vegetarian who also does not eat eggs. I don’t like eating too many processed foods either and try to limit my soy intake. I would prefer to eat no cheese for ethical reasons but have strayed back into using it as an “easy” protein source when eating out or cooking for my family. I just need to get back on the protein shakes and eating healthy vegetables. Any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for writing this 🙂

  3. Patricia Delimpaltadakis says:

    Which book by Dr. Don Colbert? There is about a dozen books by him on Amazon, including one about the diet du jour Keto, which admin. reminded us is not the way for bariatrics to go-good advice, btw. Regular reminders are always a good thing regardless of years out. Even after being a very safe driver for over 45 years, my insurance company and the government feel I need lessons to prove my ability-lol! (Insurance rates go up automatically when you hit your 60’s) Love this site, thanks!

  4. Vera Nazarov says:

    Thank you! This is something that has been irritating me on the BE forum on FB. I see people posting all these “high protein, low carb” recipes that are just full of cheese and cream cheese, and when I’ve mentioned something about the fat content and the calories, I get either negative responses or crickets. Gram for gram, fat is highest in calories. Both protein and carbs have 4 calories per gram, while fat is more than double that at 9 calories per gram. Cheese is very high in fat, and it’s also very dense, so a little amount of cheese can pack a *huge* calorie wallop! And I say this as a lover of all things cheesy. I try to go for the lower fat options now (mozzarella, skim feta, skim ricotta, reduced fat provolone), or if I *do* (rarely) go for the “good stuff” severely limit my portions on it. Those “cheese crackers” that lots of folks talk about sound heavenly, but I will not even *try* making them, because I know how easily I get addicted to salty, crunchy, fatty foods. I DO NOT need a higher fat alternative to potato chips (which are already hard enough for me to stay away from!)

  5. Dawn says:

    This is a good article. I do eat cheese but I use the app My Fitness Pal to track everything I eat so I am aware of how much cheese I do eat. This helps me stay focused on my goals and really increases my awareness. And I just avoid cream cheese.

      • Suzanne Shaw says:

        “BAD” is realitve. What are your goals? How fast have you been losing weight? are you maintaining weight you already lost? What else is in your diet that day? To me, at nearly 5 years out that sounds like a very calorie dense meal that wouldn’t be as filling as protein and veggies. For most….having crackers in the house is problematic as eventually, 2 crackers become 6 and so on. ~~Suzi

  6. Maryann cooper says:

    Thanks for the eye opener.. I have been having trouble loosing now I know why. I just went food shopping and got half lb. Swiss/half American plus mozzerella sticks..wish I read this before I shopped. Now I know why I either maintain or go up a pound…knowledge is everything…

  7. Liz says:

    Really eye opening…rings very true for me as well☹️Love love LOVE MY CHEESE.. certainly gonna have to cut that WAY BACK! I’ve been on the forum maybe 5 minutes and BAM!!! I’m gonna love this!!🤗

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