Our number one question is ‘What can I eat after surgery?’

While I know they mean in their first week, truly the most perfect bariatric food for all post ops is this Egg Custard. My mother and grandmother made them and I always loved them, but they represent a delicious dish of cool vanilla creaminess that is soothing after a surgical procedure such as weight loss surgery.

They aren’t just for new post ops, they are for everyone… for life! Buy Pyrex custard cups at the grocery store or little white dishes called ramekins at Pier One for a dollar each. My colorful fancy pants custard cups are a gift from a friend who was grateful for this recipe when she had ulcers and was unable to eat other foods.

Baked Egg Custards for bariatric eating

Baked Egg Custards for bariatric eating


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Egg Custard. Perfect bariatric food!
  • 1 cup milk
  • One 12 ounce can evaporated milk
  • 4 large eggs
  • ⅔ cup Splenda
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • Freshly grated nutmeg
  1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Place 6 custard cups or ramekins in a large roasting pan and set aside.
  2. Combine the milk, evaporated milk, eggs, Splenda and vanilla in the blender and pulse 3 or 4 times until smooth.
  3. Pour into the custard cups and grate a generous amount of nutmeg over each one.
  4. Pour enough hot water in the roasting pan to come about halfway up the sides of the custards and bake 25 to 35 minutes, until just set in the center and are still a little jiggly. MAKE SURE YOUR CUSTARDS ARE SET BEFORE REMOVING FROM OVEN - oven temps and size of custard cups vary.
  5. Carefully remove the custards from the water bath, and transfer to towel to cool. Serve chilled.

43 thoughts on “Egg Custard. Perfect bariatric food!

  1. scynthia says:

    so I am 3 years out and have fallen of the diet and have gained back 30 pounds I need some help and ideas how to get this off and get back into the weight loss again and keep it off is there anyone out there who can give me some ideas I live in Colorado

  2. Suzanne says:

    Susan, the number of servings is the indication of the size of the servings. If I have 6 ramekins it doesn’t matter how big they are. I’m dividing the recipe by 6. It would be so helpful if nutrition information was included. I’m doing low carb eating and this sounds yummy, but I need calories, fat, fiber, protein and carb counts. Could you reconsider adding that info?  

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      I understand and have been writing professional recipes for over ten years – I am asked this all the time. It is so much better for you to get into the habit of doing it for yourself using the ingredients you are choosing as people usually change a recipe.

  3. Deneen Girgin says:

    I need , help, advise, food ideas, to loose the 50 I gained back. Help said and depressed, stomach reflux too.

  4. Susan Abare-Gritter says:

    For those who are lactose intolerant and want to increase the protein, I make custard using Lactaid Fat Free milk – 1.5 c., 3 eggs, 1 heaping scoop protein, .25 c. truvia or splenda, 1 t. vanilla, nutmeg.  This makes 4 servings:
    PER SERVING Calories 118.3
                                     Protein    14.2

  5. Leisa Matherly says:

    I made these last week when I was sick with yet another cold, and they were fabulous! Even my parents, who are not wls patients, loved them! I’ll be making these again very soon!!

  6. Diane says:

    Just made this dessert and I added 2 scoops of the Pure unflavored protein powder and it is fantastic!  Thanks again for an easy, but great tasting treat.

  7. Angie says:

    I made these as a newbie post op and delish. However the largest size can of evaporated milk I could find was 12 oz. My custard was a little runny with 15 oz. Of evaporated milk and actually made 7 servings (regular white ramekins). I’m wondering if just 1 can of evaporated milk is sufficient like in the vanilla custard recipe which is almost identical?

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      Angie, you are correct to use the 12 ounce can of evaporated milk. You may also have needed to bake a little longer in the water bath as oven temps and custard cup sizes vary as well. Thank you for noticing our error! Carnation Evaporated Milk is a 12 ounce can. – SML

  8. Nicole says:

    I made these last week for my family and coworkers and they all raved about them. I will definitely be making these again.

  9. Tracie says:

    I can’t tolerate the artificial sweeteners much or stevia at all. Can this be made without any sweetness & still set up? Would one need to use less liquid? I don’t want to waste food trying to adjust the recipe myself with bad results.

  10. Pamela says:

    I am 2 weeks post-op with a gastric sleeve. Today I made this custard. Amazing! It tasted so good, I can’t even begin to tell you! The nutmeg is so good. Plus my house smelled so good while they baked. I found a 4 pack of small ramekins at Dollar Tree for $1. I bought 2 packs, and this recipe filled all 8 cups perfectly. Thanks so much for this recipe. I know it will be a staple!

  11. Maggie Goodwin says:

    How long do these keep? I’m just wondering how far ahead of surgery I can make these to have after or if I should just wait until after. 🙂

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      Ricky, you cannot arbitrarily add protein powder to recipes, even as a practiced cook, I find it tricky and it often does not turn out. Stick to the recipes… you are better off to have something that turns out wonderful than a pan of something you cannot eat. – Susan

    • Alison Garcia says:

      Hi Ruby, you can absolutely try it. I have heard that the eggs do the job of thickening the custard, in conjunction with the milk. I prefer to follow recipes, especially baking ones like this as written for optimal results, but give it a whirl!! -Alison

    • Alison Garcia says:

      Hi Sara, once you are cleared by your healthcare team for soft foods. It’s a great choice for that stage. -Alison

    • Suzanne Shaw says:

      I really don’t know but I suspect silcone would force the custards to cook much faster. You do not want over cooked custard. If you don’t have ramekins try a couple small coffee mugs!

  12. Amy says:

    Must just be the ramekins I used (not sure of size but they aren’t what I would consider small) – I got NINE servings out of this. Also, I used almond milk, as I have issues with lactose since RNY, and wanted to reduce the amount in this recipe as much as possible since I was already using the evaporated milk. It worked beautifully. I cooked for the full 35 minutes.

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