I have been hearing from bariatric veterans five plus years from surgery with low bone calcium asking for suggestions. Since those with established deficiencies need calcium above what is in their Journey All in One, I did a little research to offer up some calcium rich food options since most of us don’t do as much as we should regarding calcium supplements.

After reading for most of the afternoon, I have decided that health writers have not only lost their minds but all touch with reality. Anyone who would top their list of suggestions for calcium foods with Canned Sardines and I mean hardcore sardines… the kind with skin and bones, is not really paying attention to what they are writing about.

Seriously. Do you KNOW anyone who eats Sardines other than your Grandpa? How can anyone writing about dietary calcium recommend eating sardines without sarcasm! Eat Greek yogurt, drink almond milk, maybe a little cottage cheese, but I think I will stick to recommending popping a couple Journey Calcium Capsules so people don’t think I’ve gone mad.

I am VERY open minded about food, but chomping on whole little fish backbones is too much for me. I am reaching for my calcium capsules right now!


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